Volunteers Needed for Women's Empowerment project

We are delighted to be partnering with Scottish Social Enterprise Kilcheran for a Women's Empowerment project in Pakistan ('Hear Me Roar!'). They are seeking a global team of virtual volunteers in Graphic Design, Social Media, Marketing and Fundraising. This is a great opportunity to use your skills to make a difference where ever you are based.

3-6 months volunteering positions for 10 hours per week.

Please send CV and a short letter of intent to: Adil Iqbal adil.iqbal@kilcheran.com

Application deadline Friday 16th November 2018.


Blog 1: Beginnings New and Old

Hello world!

What a pleasure it is to welcome you to Mahraka, the Twilling Tweeds blog.

I’ve been looking forward to this feature for a long time. The concept of “Blog” has somewhat widened over the last few years, and so I will be using this space for a number of things. You can expect to see on the ground progress diaries from North Scotland and Chitral; pictures and videos of artisans making the products you have been seeing on the site; interviews from the creative minds behind Twilling Tweeds and the art world at large; all this this mixed with any other splashes of creativity that myself or another member of the Twilling team feels would befit here!

We will of course try to post as regularly as possible although, I must say, remote locations combined with snail’s pace internet access doesn’t lend itself well to active blog keeping! But it won’t be for lack of trying I assure you.