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The Mahraka is a not-for-profit Centre, which aims to strengthen local women’s connectivity, confidence and mental well being.

Help raise £500,000 to kickstart our community hub 

Your donations will go towards five different areas

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Monthly Salaries for Local Women (Including Health and Social Benefits)

Allocation of these funds will cover initial, full-time salaries for local women who will be running the community hub. Kilcheran will be targeting our recruitment for these positions towards marginalised and low-income women, creating job opportunities that will becoming self-sustaining as the Centre grows its income-generating capacities. 

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Our Business Development Program will build capacity and develop critical skills, encouraging, motivating and provided support for women to work toward their goals. We will work in partnership with a local women’s cooperative ‘Kho and Kalashi’, who work with over 2000 women in Chitral, to provide training in photography, digital marketing, design and product development.

Mental Health and Business Development Mentorship Program

Part of your contribution will facilitate the development of the Mental Health Mentorship Program at the Centre. With increasing suicide rates in Chitral, this program will provide creative workshops with the affected women from across Chitral. We will be working with Pakistani health practitioners to help the women achieve greater integration with their wider community, directly combatting challenges of social isolation in Chitral and improve their wellbeing.

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Rental and Overhead Costs for the Mahraka Centre 

These funds will cover the everyday expenses of running the Centre, including rental fees, electricity, gas, wifi and clean drinking water. The Centre will be a physical space for women’s skills development, sharing of ideas and aspirations, as a creative platform for personal expression. 

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Raw Materials and Training Costs

Computers, sewing machines, fabric, needles, embroidery thread and other craft supplies will be purchased for the women to use in the Centre. Accredited/certified training workshops will be provided in partnership a women’s cooperative ‘Kho & Kalashi’ for women of different ages as part of our skills development programs.

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Golden Pot (Women's Empowerment Fund) for Young Girls

This standing fund will help support the dreams of young girls living in Chitral. These funds will be available to local women to cover fees for courses and training programs within Pakistan. In addition to financial support, we aim to incorporate career counselling and mentorship with Golden Pot resources, supporting them in finding opportunities where they can expand their knowledge and growth.