Sneak peek behind Twilling Tweeds Labs held at the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre. Twilling Tweeds Labs gives participants a chance to learn about the rich craft traditions from Chitral valley in Northern Pakistan. The workshops are a celebration of the Twilling Tweeds practice of innovative and creative exchange of ideas and skills between countries with particular focus on memory, oral traditions and creativity. Join British textile designer Adil Iqbal and skilled embroiderers from Chitral, where they will be introducing illustrative narratives and traditional embroidery..


At Twilling Tweeds we have a simple belief: The craftsmanship of a community can be a powerful tool for its betterment. We strive to create unique and imaginative products which cater to market and at the same time, are a means of livelihood for the artisans involved.  

We work on the ground, at the grass roots level in remote parts of Scotland and Pakistan. As such we believe that Twilling Tweeds transcends the tag of “brand” alone. We prefer to see it as a vehicle, traversing a bridge connecting remote communities. Come in, take a look around, there is always room for one more.

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