Nasreen Yar, 45, is an embroidery supervisor who runs a small embroidery Centre in Dolomuch. She has 3 sons and 1 daughter and wants to see all her children well educated. 

‘O Flower of Scotland, 

When will we see your like again,

That fought and died for

Your wee bit hill and glen.

And stood against him, Proud Edward's army,

And sent him homeward to think again.’


‘I love flowers and my favourite flower is Gul Sambar (Rose), It is popular here and is mentioned in traditional Chitrali folksongs.

Women in the olden times created their own designs in crochet and embroidery. They used bright florescent colours, like pinks, greens, yellows to raise their spirits. 

I’ve imagined all the Scottish flowers interwoven with the words of Flower of Scotland.  I realised I had the thistles upside down! This was not deliberate!’


‘I cannot read or write Urdu or English, but during the workshops I had the chance to practice writing the basic alphabet and now I would like to teach my grandchildren the basics of the English language.

During the workshops I have gained and learned skills that now I can teach to my local community.  I have learned colour combinations and my knowledge has grown, as I am now aware of the Scottish culture and traditions that are very similar to the Chitrali culture.  

I think Scottish people are friendly, hospitable and educated. They are hard working and continue to expand their knowledge, so they can be an inspiration to others internationally and locally.

I am delighted to get this opportunity! '

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