Zubeida Ali, 29, is a mother of 3 and is a housewife. She works as an embroiderer at the Dolomuch Centre and her dream is to give all her kids the best education.

‘My tapestry shows my representation of Scotland in flags and motifs.  During the workshops I thought about the west and started to draw my ideas of strawberries, cups of chai, fishing, animals and plants.

 At first I has no idea of what Scotland or the flag looked like. I only knew the Pakistan flag.

Through brainstorming sessions I found out that Scotland is a developed country with high levels of education.  The roads are well made and there is a good transport infrastructure…. My favourite flag is the Lion Rampant. ‘


‘During the workshops, with the help of Adil and Nasreen I was able to take on this challenge and ultimately achieve something by myself. For the first time I have created something with my own hands.

 One of my favourite times during the workshops were the drawing sessions because as an embroiderer I have always been interested in drawings since childhood but have not had the opportunity…The project was an escape for me from everyday routine as a wife and mother.

 Initially when I was chosen to participate in the workshops I was really nervous and wanted to quit as I found the first few days extremely challenging; but with the help of my husband and kids, I attended and finished all the workshop sessions.’