Kitchen Store Wall Hanging 22" x 20"

Mehria's Kitchen store_small copy.jpg
Mehria's Kitchen store_small copy.jpg

Kitchen Store Wall Hanging 22" x 20"

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Mehria, 23, lives with her 5 sisters and 4 brothers in Chitral.  She is currently teaching at the local madrassa in Chitral. She enjoys embroidery and is interested in developing her design skills.

Her panel depicts a traditional Chitrali kitchen store, where women keep all their domestic utensils, cooking pots, etc…

‘I used to sneak in with my best friend Kausar and steal biscuits and sweeties from the store as a child.  During Eid celebrations, we were given boxes of mithai (traditional sweets) from our relatives, which my mother would place in the store. We keep everyday kitchen items and use this space for jugs, teapots, mugs, lanterns, glasses and steel boxes that store rice and flour.

The store is made of mud. It stays cool in the summer and warm during the winter.  I also wash the dishes and make chapatti there during the winter, as it protects me from the bitter weather.

During the summer my eldest sister and myself will get up at the crack of dawn, clean the store, and then we make Lassi (a fermented yogurt drink) for my brothers and entire family. Everyone in my family loves drinking Lassi.’

  • Medium: Full Embroidery on Calico
  • Size: 22" x 20"
  • Hand embroidered using cotton threads. 
  • Shipped without frame (Textile only) 
  • Product will ship in 5-7 business days from receipt of order

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