Lewis Dresser Wall Hanging 16" x 23"

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Lewis_Dresser_Smaller copy.jpg
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Lewis Dresser Wall Hanging 16" x 23"


Henna Perveen, 18, is currently studying Biology at a local Chitrali college. Henna would like to get the opportunity to study further in Lahore or Karachi. 

‘This is a typical Lewis dresser, which is found in Calbost, a village in the Scottish island of Lewis.

I have a similar dresser at home… My mother, who lives in Chitral town, inherited a dresser in her dowry. She uses it to store all her dishes and cutlery.  

During the Art Workshops, I was inspired to design my version of the Lewis dresser. 

My favourite parts of the embroidery are the curtains because they look pretty and create a homely feel like our dresser in Chitral.’ 

  • Medium: Embroidery on Calico
  • Size: 16" x 23"
  • Hand embroidered using cotton threads. 
  • Shipped without frame
  • Product will ship in 5-7 business days from receipt of order

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