Mehnaz Bibi, 22, is a housewife and lives with her husband and 8 months baby boy.  She would like to continue her education and pursue a career in teaching art and design in her local community in Dolomuch.

‘My artwork shows the beauty of a Scottish wedding; the celebration, foods. Music, kilts, celidh dancing and bagpipes. I wanted to create my dream wedding. I would have all these things in my wedding, especially the dress and different types of food!

My first thoughts of Scotland were tall buildings, churches, people who are modern and rich. During my research and brainstorming sessions, I discovered how ‘modern’ the Scottish weddings are… I love how the bride and groom can dance together on their wedding day. It is not possible in our culture!

My favourite part of the illustration was the bride and groom because they are the most important people and I wanted to show their love and what marriage actually means… It’s a beautiful thing.’  


‘In the beginning I found the concept extremely difficult…I had no knowledge about Scotland and creating an illustration was a huge challenge for me. But with doing lots of research and practice everything came together. 

I love finding out about Scotland, its culture and traditions…Learning about the Scottish wedding ceremony was really interesting for me and my family.

My favourite times were learning how to use the internet… We live high in the mountains and internet signals are not great in Dolomuch, but with the help of Adil I was given the independence and time to learn new skills.’