Mansura Shams, 25, is currently working as a Human Activist empowering the rights of women in Chitral. She lives with her family and would like to complete her higher education in Social work.  

Mansura translated the Scottish folklore tale of Rashie Coatie ( Scottish version of Cinderella ) onto a carpet inspired with Celtic motifs and her passion for high heels.

 ‘ Since the age of 5 I have been fascinated by high heels! Whether I was attending a family wedding or during Eid, I would constantly dream of wearing the latest high heels. During a short trip to Peshawar, I came across foreign fashion magazines and saw many different romantic styles of high heels!  I decided to use my imagination to create a collection of beautiful high heels that perhaps one day I will be able to wear.  I always think the foreigners or Scottish people like to wear high heels, so I asked my family and friends to collect high-heeled shoes of different sizes are styles so I could practice drawing them.

For me Scotland is about mountains, rivers, foxes and castles.  I saw a Pakistani television series, which was filmed in Scotland and that’s how I can relate to Scotland through its beautiful landscape – its mountains and valleys that remind me of my land.

I think Scotland is developed and has a rich heritage and traditions that are still alive.  The story is similar to Cinderella, which I read when I was 10 or 12 years old and it’s one of my favourite fairytales.’


‘In the workshops we developed and exchanged ideas.  I researched Celtic motifs and took part in life drawing sessions, photography and colour combination training.

 My favourite time was when in the workshops we worked together as a team.  We cracked jokes, drank tea and laughed a lot!  We like to learn about the tweed industry and also about the country through the creative process.  The whole experience has been amazing’