Halima Rehman, 25, a housewife and lives with her husband and 2 children and she would like to complete her education and dreams of sending her family to study abroad. 

‘My husband Faiz ul Rehman buys me and the kids plastic chapals (slippers) from the local bazaar in Chitral town. They are very comfortable and lightweight to walk and work in and convenient when preforming Wazoo (cleaning ritual for prayer). I also wear them when doing domestic duties around the house…. they have multiple uses. 

I was given asked to choose an object, which we use in our everyday life.  I chose washroom chapel…at first I found it strange and funny but then Adil and Nasreen guided me on the process.

My artwork shows a range of different chapals, which I collected from friends and family around my village in Dolomuch.  By using a digital camera, I took photographs of the chapals from different angles.

I personally prefer plain chapals because people generally laugh if you are wearing bright coloured chapals. My favourite brands are BATA and LAIZE; they are cheap and lightweight. 

One of my cousins bought a ‘China Chapal’ (made in China) last year.  While wearing them she slipped and broke her leg and foot.  You have to be really careful when wearing them and make sure you replace them every 3 months.’


‘Initially I thought it won’t be possible to finish the artwork but with the help of my family I worked hard and was delighted to see the final work.  I was excited to work with Harris Tweed, and really pleased to embroider my work on a cloth from Scotland. 

For the first time I have interacted with a large group of women and an international designer…This project has increased my confidence and I am really happy that my work will be displayed and our stories shared with the international community.’

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